The next decade promises to be one of extraordinary progress in the field of solar and coronal physics. We anticipate the launch of Solar Probe Plus and Solar Orbiter, the continuations of missions such as the Solar Dynamic Observatory, RHESSI, IRIS, Hinode, as well as the beginning of the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope. Possible future mission such as Solar-C are on the horizon. These current and future missions and projects will considerably advance our understanding of numerous outstanding problems. The Huntsville Workshop 2014: Solar and Stellar Processes from the Chromosphere to the Outer Corona will focus on seven areas of particular topicality related to the upcoming missions of the next decade: Cirtain_Manuscript2012-08-11129A_coverimages

1) Dynamic, eruptive processes;

2) Ionization processes and the (first ionization potential) FIP effect in the solar atmosphere and solar wind;

3) Particle acceleration;

4) Wave propagation/dissipation

5) Magnetic stress buildup and reconnection;

6) Coronal heating processes and the acceleration of the solar wind, and

7) Extrapolating solar coronal processes to other stellar coronae.

The Workshop will be organized around a series of Plenary talks of 40 minutes that summarize our current understanding in each of the seven topics above, followed by a series of invited and contributed talks.

The Workshop will be held between March 23 to March 27 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Please see the Accomodations page for more details.

For any questions, please contact us at: hsvworkshop14@uah.edu

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